Saturday, October 10, 2009

MMA Bout in Pocahontas, AR

We don't get to be home much so when we are we try to squeeze as much in as possible. We got home on Friday night and my son, Bobby, told me he was going to an MMA training in Pocahontas, and asked me to tag along.

Cool, I smelled a photo opp.

Well we were both surprised. Upon arriving we found out they were actually going to be having regular bouts of sorts. Three, 3 minute rounds in your weight class, they said. Ohh boy.

Well, Bobby had been doing this a grand total of 2 days, so I was a little concerned. This wasn't like watching basketball or little league baseball. These boys were trying to hurt each other.

Anyway, Bobby fought and won. The fight was called early in the 3rd round due to knock down. He was pretty sore, but learned a lot. And I got some great pics and video. Check out the YouTube video below as well.

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